5 unique homestays in Himachal Pradesh for the solo traveller

5 unique homestays in Himachal Pradesh for the solo traveller:-Travelling solo can be liberating as well as daunting at the same time. No doubts that it does provide you with a feeling of independence but it can be a bit intimidating too especially if the place is totally strange and far off. So why not diminish that slight fear this time by booking a homestay instead of a single hotel room? Stay with loving host families and get to experience a new dimension of warm hospitality. Are you still doubtful? Okay…well then answer this question. Tell us dear readers that down the line will you remember the name of the receptionist or the hotel manager you met in a hotel in Shimla? Well, the answer to that is an obvious no. But we bet that you will never forget the names and the faces of the family that hosted you in Dharamshala. So shed all the inhibitions and book a homestay this time. You will never know about this enthralling experience until and unless you take the first step towards it with an open mind, spirit and heart.

So if you are convinced enough then here are five of our homestays which you can stay at if you’re travelling solo to Himachal Pradesh this season.


Barot (Mandi)

Ah! Lovely choice you have if you have chosen Barot village on the outskirts of Mandi as your travel destination this season. And for the enthusiastic traveller in you we have not one but two homestays.


Activities: Fishing in the river Uhl (Get your fishing rod ready!), Camping and Trekking. You can also help your host family in picking up some fresh green veggies from their garden and assist them in cooking it as a side dish to your fresh water fish or fishes (Wink).

Homestays in Barot


Kangra (Dharamsala)

If you have chosen Kangra as your travel destination then we have a perfect homestay waiting for you amidst the tea gardens and of course how can we forget that it faces the snow white Himalayan range (Trust us the setting cannot get any more romantic)

Homestay in Dharmshala
Homestay in Dharmshala

Activities: Tour of the tea gardens, helping the locals in plucking some tea leaves plus let’s not forget that you can have as much of that flavourful tea as you want in the cold but soothing weather (Tea lovers, have you packed your bags already?)

Homestays in Kangra


homes in himachal pradesh

The beautiful Kasauli which hides itself from the world with its green chir pine trees is one of our favourite destinations in Himachal. And here we have two homestays to offer to you. You can choose any as both face the mountains and both float in the clouds when it is foggy. (Ouch! Difficult choice there)


Activities: Take a tour of the oldest distillery for scotch whiskey in India with your host, (Scotch lovers, are you on your way?) wandering around the forests, bird watching and trekking.

Homestays in Kasauli



Dalhousie is another destination which takes the tired soul of a traveller into its laps and feeds it till it becomes as fresh as new. So here we have yet another homestay in the hills waiting for you to leave the impressions of your traveller feet on its floors.


Activities: Speed boating at the Chamera Lake, trekking and bonfire.

Homestays in Dalhousie

5 unique homestays in Himachal Pradesh for the solo traveller
5 unique homestays in Himachal Pradesh for the solo traveller


This homestay at Solan stands right on the mall road so that you can lean down from your balcony and enjoy the melody of the sounds of the people shopping and eating in the mall road. And since this homestay is quite close to Shimla hence you can go visit Shimla in the early morning and come back to your homestay in the evening for a warm and hearty meal.


Activities: Handicrafts shopping at the Mall road and Book reading at the Motilal Nehru Central library (Bibliophiles, wherefore art thou?)

Homestays in Solan

So just stuff your bag dear readers and feel warm by the welcome at these homestays of Himachal Pradesh instead of feeling hot in the plains.

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