Pyaar ka punchnama in a hostel The free personal assistant

Pyaar ka punchnama in a hostel The free personal assistant:-The ones who have ever stayed in a hostel have witnessed all the side effects of love. The ones who haven’t please don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is some kind of Romeo Juliet love affair which is going to be immortalized in the pages of history but it is the kind of love which you come across in movies like Pyaar ka Punchnama and of course Pyaar ka punchnama 2. But no matter what it is always fun to watch your friends go through that phase. However, not so much fun when it happens to you. Thanks to hostel life which helps us to see this funny side of love which we would have never come across if we were staying alone in a flat or at home. When we were young we use to think that one day we will meet the one meant for us, fall in love and stay happily ever after but nooo…hostel life cleared all the myths to show that love in real life isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel or a When Harry met Sally kind of movie but it has a lot of ups and downs which ultimately lead to the punchnama of love. Oh come on! Don’t be so shy all of us have been through one or two of those failed love affairs during our hostel life. (Well, actually more than two for some of us but let’s get past that moment for now).


hostel party
hostel party

So today let us discuss that how the beautiful, precious and pious love suffers from a post-mortem in a hostel from the perspective of those hostellers who like to stay away from the modern love affairs and just watch their friends suffer. (Ah! We smell evil.)


The (20 times a day) phone calls

A person staying in a hostel is used to hearing all sorts of cheesy conversations which range from “mere babu ne khana khaya?” to those insane ones which have more of “Awwwww’s” than they have words. But it’s kind of fun watching your friends leaning on the railing of the second floor and smiling while on the phone, almost ready to fall down in love. (Like literally) And it gets all the more insane when you wake up at five in the morning to the sounds of your roommate giggling on the phone and you have no option but to throw a pillow at him and shout “Abey so ja yaar!”

The (literally) empty pockets

It is funny to see that how people in the hostel spend more money on buying expensive gifts for their beau than they spend on buying books or the daily necessities of life. Most of you might have seen a situation where the guy who just gave his girl an expensive Rolex watch comes to you each morning with his toothbrush asking for some toothpaste. Yeah, it is true and he is the same guy who owes you two thousand bucks for the food you have been providing him with for two weeks. But that’s the thing about hostels they give you friends for whom you would do anything.


The (free) personal assistant

All of us have been in situations when your friend doesn’t show up to a party in the hostel because he is so very busy holding shopping bags in a mall. This is the same guy who used to wake up at two in the afternoon but now he wakes up at 6 in the morning to drop off the bags at the bus station and reaches the hostel at 12 in the night after delivering some chicken wings at the gate of the girl’s hostel. And all you can say to your friend is that “Dude, if this is what you want to do then Zomato is hiring.”

The (giant) teddy bears

How many times have you been in a situation when you expected your roommate to come back to the room with a box of cheese burst pizza and a few beers but instead when you open the door there is a giant pink teddy bear staring at your face? And there your friend is hiding behind this scary thing which girls apparently find cute. You’re not able to sleep all night with this third person in the room and finally when it gets delivered to the other hostel which stands behind that huge wall, it is then that you’re at peace. Someone should seriously consider making these teddies the mascot of hostels in India.

Pyaar ka punchnama in a hostel
Pyaar ka punchnama in a hostel

So if you also want to experience Pyaar ka punchnama in real life and see if you have the power and the strength to get over it then come join a hostel today. (Oh come on! Do not resist the temptation of falling in love the modern way.)

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