4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers: So it is Friday night and you are back to home from the office. You throw your bag on the couch, remove the tie, roll-up your shirt’s sleeves and walk to the mini bar in your dining room area wishing you had a cellar where you could wine and dine. You open a bottle of red and make it flow into two wine glasses. It perfectly settles into the glasses while dispensing its rich aroma into the air. You walk with the two glasses in hand to the living room area and hand over one of the perfectly curved glasses of wine to the woman in your life. While stirring the wine glass slowly you let the smell of the wine seep into your system and then let the richness of its taste overpower your senses. Great wine calls for great music and so you sing along as your laptop’s speaker play the classic songs of Billy Joel while you hope that you had a gramophone to play the records.

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

The dim yellow lights of the room make everything look monochromatic. You’re having a nice time drinking, eating and laughing when you recognize the song coming from the speaker, “She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes….” and you can’t just help but get up and do some ballroom dancing with your partner while singing along the magical song….”Yeah, she steals like a thief but she’s always a woman to me.” You dissolve yourself in the beauty of the night and let the wine do the further talking.


Ah! Wine does create the magic, doesn’t it? So are you an old soul like us who loves collecting and drinking wine? And do you want to be a connoisseur of fine wines? Well then you are in for a treat because today for the fine love of the much finer wine we have brought to you the best vineyards in India where you can dissolve yourself in the world of such finesse while taking a tour of the vineyards and sipping some of the finest wines in the tasting rooms.


Govardhan Village (Nashik)

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

Stroll: Sula Vineyards

Wine and Dine: Spread over acres of land this vineyard is the holiest place for all wine lovers. Here you can taste some sparkling or white and red wine and take a tour of the vineyard with the experts of the field. You can match your wine with some Italian or Indian food at the restaurants in the place. A major attraction of this place is the “Sula fest” which is held in the first week of February each year where wine mixed with groovy music makes this place a Mecca for wine lovers. So start making your pre Valentine’s Day plans already.

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Narayangaon (Pune)

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

Stroll: Chateau Indage Vineyards

Wine and Dine: A chit-chat with loved ones while roaming around the vineyards of the place which gifted India its first champagne, is just fantastic. You can visit the Cafe Ivy in the vineyard which serves you finger licking food, after a long but pleasant tour. The most amazing feature of this place is that you can see sugarcane and sweet corns also growing in the fields apart from the grapes.

Unwind: Pop open the bottle of wine which you bought from Chateau Indage Vineyard at your flattickets.com in Pune and let the weariness of the day disappear within minutes.


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Nandi Hills (Bangalore)

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

Stroll: Grover Vineyards

Wine and Dine: Do you always crave to know more about the wine making process? Well then visit this place and quench the thirst. Taste delicious rose wine with some cheese strips and take a tour of the scenic view of the vineyard. Give yourself this wine break as you totally deserve it.

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Dindori (Nashik)

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

Stroll: Chateau d’ori

Wine and Dine: This vinery surrounded by hillocks and accompanied by a small pond is breathtakingly quaint. You can enjoy the not so crisp and not so sweet but sort of woody flavour of their Cabernet Sauvignon out here with some food to complement the wine. And if you are lucky then you will get to witness the most beautiful site of all – the vineyard getting drenched with the drizzle from the sky while you sip on some white wine.

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