5 must visit places for the literary travellers

5 must visit places for the literary travellers: Travelling takes you places and so does literature. Travel is nothing but literature flowing in the form of a silent story which is narrated through your smile in that photograph of yours, underneath the mountain ranges. And literature is nothing but time travelling to different places from one fixed place.

5 must visit places for the literary travellers

Travelling makes you live many lives and so does literature. Travel sometimes makes you a villager who sows seeds in the red soil and at other times it makes you a trekker who wants to climb that mountain only to view the piousness in the rays of the morning sun which seem to enter the body and enlighten every dark corner inside. Literature makes you live hundreds of lives through the pen of the writer, sometimes you are Lady Chatterley from Lady Chatterley’s lover and at other times you are Ursula from Women in Love. Great writing is nothing but the outcome of travels to the farthest corners of the Earth. You travel, you stay, you observe, you absorb and then you immortalize it with the ink in your pen. Travel and Literature form a circle together – one leads to the other.

Travel is passion, it is love, it is worship and so is literature. And if you have been bitten by the love for both, travel and literature then you my dear literary traveller have already lived and seen things that others will never get to experience. We too like you love the smell of old books as much as we love the smell of the earth after rainfall. And though you can always travel to a hill top or a beach and read or write out there but today we have shortlisted five of the most beautiful libraries where you can travel and live literature surrounded by the soul in the works of great literates.

5 must visit places for the literary travellers

5 must visit places for the literary travellers



Visit: David Sassoon Library

Stay: flattickets.com in Mumbai

Escape: Get lost in the world of over 40,000 books many of which are rare epics from the Raj era. Climb the antique wooden stairs to reach the reading room or just sit on the reclining chairs facing the serene garden and pen down your story.



Visit: The National Library of India

Stay: flattickets.com in Kolkata

Escape: Have you ever felt weak in the knees? Well, let this place give you that feeling. 2270000 books, 86000 maps, 3200 manuscripts and a single you. So just close your eyes, breathe in the fresh smell of the old books and dissolve yourself in this world away from the world.




Visit: State Central Library

Stay: flattickets.com in Hyderabad

Escape: Feed your soul on literature in different languages ranging from Sanskrit to Persian. This library is a paradise for the lovers of Indian history as it has a collection of 17000 rare and valuable manuscripts dating back to the 5th and 6th century. It also has newspapers preserved from as back as 1941.

5 must visit places for the literary travellers

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Visit: Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

Stay: flattickets.com in Delhi

Escape: It is bliss to find a museum which speaks stories and a library with documented stories at one place. Visit this place if you are a lover of modern Indian history and also get to witness a massive collection of 202415 photographs which demonstrate the freedom movement of India, in the photo division of the library.




Visit: Connemara Public Library

Stay: flattickets.com in Chennai

Escape: Get hold of a book of your favourite genre and walk through the overhead tunnel bridge of the library towards the brilliantly stained glasses at the end. When you reach the end let the index finger of your right hand divide the book into two while the other fingers enclose it tightly. Make the fingers of your left hand reach out to touch the colours of the glass and let it transfer its story to your soul.

A world full of magic awaits you. Book a stay and reach your destination for there is literature in travel and travel in literature.

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