5 types of roommates everyone has

5 types of roommates everyone has: It has been quite some time since we were introduced to the subject of Human behaviour; no it was not a subject in college but something we learned outside the class. We’ve seen our share of good and bad roommates; some became friends for life while some made you realize that you’ve should’ve gone for single. Here’s a succinct recap of the ‘roomies’ we’ve had in our lives.

5 types of roommates everyone has

Yaar safe nai hai

5 types of roommates everyone has


This person is the messiah of good deeds and a reincarnation of our parents away from home, he would be the first person to reject any out of the box plan and start dwindling the risk factors for anything you’re planning to do.

SOS friend

5 types of roommates everyone has


The official ‘fall back upon’ person, he/she will always know what’s going with you without you even saying anything. They are the ones who will constantly listen to your on how your life is screwed without even sulking. They are your officially go to person for mental and emotional matters.

The Nerd

5 types of roommates everyone has


Because with this guy there will be conversations which completely go over your head. They practically have an opinion on everything that passes by and the best part is that they will reason you out in every debate you have with them.

The Perfect friend

5 types of roommates everyone has


This is the person with whom you know that this is the one, there is no reason for it but you just know. It may be due to similar hobbies or similar attitude towards life and you’ll agree with us here that there has been at least one such roommate in your lives.

Dirt Box

5 types of roommates everyone has


Breadcrumbs, leftover pizza slices and dirty laundries are their favorite acquaintances, they’re everywhere. It gets worse when you come back from home. The room is in a complete mess as if it was raided by cops while you were away.

Irrespective of the little annoying habits, every room mate has a special place in our hearts. And at WudStay, we realise that each Hostel/PG has huge emotional value. That is why we strive to create a home that keeps you comfortable and safe.

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