14 fun indoor games to play with your PG mates

14 fun indoor games to play with your PG mates:-Are you getting bored with your PG mates on a lazy Sunday evening and are too reluctant to go out but still want to have some fun? Well, we have got the perfect solution for you in the form of some fun indoor games that you can play along with your mates. These games range from intellectual, brainy ones to the ones that you played in your childhood. So all you have to do now is to choose your game, surround yourself with your mates and loads of junk food, and start playing. However, be cautious as these games are so addictive that you might lose track of time.

14 fun indoor games to play with your PG mates
14 fun indoor games to play with your PG mates


Why play card games only during the season of Diwali when they can be played all year round? So form a circle and indulge into this interesting game and observe the moves made by others. Also let us know in the comments at the end of the page that which is your favourite card game – teen patti, poker, bluff, saati pe satti or saat aath?


If you have PG mates who have the IQ of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz or Rajesh Koothrapalli then you shouldn’t refrain yourself from playing some puzzle based games with them. You can solve a jigsaw puzzle together or take the game to another level by solving a murder mystery.

Truth or dare

All of us have been playing truth and dare since we were quite young and it never fails to disappoint us. If you have a large group of friends in your PG, then it will be all the more fun. So gather your friends and spin the bottle around. Also, let us know in the comments some fun questions that one can ask other people during this game if they choose truth instead of dare.

Dumb charades

Dumb charades is a classic game and is very close to our hearts, we have literally grown old playing this super-fun game. You can form two or even three teams and assign some very tough movie names to the members of the other team, and see if they are able to guess the movie names correctly.


“Shuru karo antakshari leke prabhu ka naam, samay bitane ke liye hume karna hai kuch kaam” – We are pretty sure that all of you remember this childhood chant of Indian kids by heart. So why not relieve the childhood days by playing this fun game? This game is great to bond with your friends by singing some new as well as old songs.


Snakes and ladders

Snakes and ladders or popularly known as saap-seedi is yet another childhood game that all of us fondly remember. And it will surely be great fun if you play it along with your friends. So play it and let us know who won the maximum games because we know that once you start playing it you won’t be able to stop.

Chidiya ud

Chidiya Ud is a silly but really fun game. If nothing else then we can at least guarantee you a fit of laughter while playing this game. So what are you waiting for? Just get started with…”Chidiya ud…bhains ud”

Hide and Seek

With all the rooms in the PG we think that hide and seek will be a really good game for you guys to play. So decide on the hiding spots and tune into the rhythm of the game.



Chit games are always great for indoors. Killer is one such game that you’ll thoroughly enjoy but make sure that there should be more than ten people in the circle otherwise it won’t be much fun. What you need to do is make chits equal to the number of people in the group, one chit should read ‘Killer’ one should read ‘Judge’, while all the others should read ‘Victim’. The work of the killer is to wink at random people, without being caught, and the work of the judge is to catch the killer. Whenever a victim gets winked at he has to say – ‘I am dead’, and he goes out of the game. This game is simple yet extremely interesting so just distribute the chits and get started.



Now this game is for the brainy fellows. We needn’t explain its rules to you as we are pretty sure that you know more about it then we do.

Blind man’s buff

In this game you tie a blindfold around one of your friend and he has to catch you by hearing the sounds of your clap.

Name place animal thing

You might be familiar with this game ‘Name place animal thing’, which all of us played during our school days. Those days were super fun, weren’t they? So why not relieve those days again by playing this game?


Uno needs no introduction. So just shuffle your deck of cards and start playing. But just in case you’re not familiar with the game then click here to see how to play it.


A chilly winter evening, hot chai and pakoras, a group of friends and the classic game of Ludo – sounds like the perfect scene, doesn’t it? So why not make it a reality by playing this game and reliving your childhood days?

Do let us know in the comments below, which game you would like to play with your PG mates on this weekend

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