Hauz Khas Village Restaurants For Lunch Pubs And Cafes

Hauz Khas Village Restaurants For Lunch Pubs And Cafes:With an uncountable number of pubs dotting the whole area of Hauz Khas, it is visited frequently by hundreds of youngsters every single day and is a party paradise. Not a weekend goes by when Hauz Khas is quiet. The Mughal village of old times has been converted into a haven for party lovers of Delhi. Hauz Khas Social is the most sought-after place. It screens all major sporting events and has an impressive menu. Summer House Cafe is another famous cafe with an indoor, outdoor and rooftop arrangements. Raasta is another impressive cafe with live music and electronic performances every night. Imperfecto, Rabbit Hole, High5 Cafe and Bar, Rehab Gastropub, Levels and Out of the Box are few other places you might enjoy visiting.

Hauz Khas Village Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants:
Hauz Khas Village Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants:

Hauz Khas has an extensive and excellent range of cuisines from Himalayan to Continental dishes. The first floor is filled with restaurants and cafes. Yeti on the is a small and cosy place with exquisite Himalayan and Tibetan food on the menu. Matchbox, Ali Baba Caves, Lord of the Drinks Meadow, CAPSULE by Hinglish, Beer Cafe, Turquoise Cottage, Summer House Cafe, Kylin Sky Bar, Chemistry and Theobroma are other famous options in the area.

Hauz Khas Village Restaurants For Lunch Pubs And Cafes

Hauz Khas Village Social:

One of the most visited and popular places in the Hauz Khas Village is the Hauz Khas Social, more commonly known as “Social Offline”. It is developed as a collaborative workspace that blends the best of office and cafe. It has an unparalleled vies of the Hauz Khas along with scrumptious comfort food and pretty awesome bar. It has two floors each of it having a distinct look. The lower floor serves as a casual hanging spot while the upper floor is perfect for the freelancers looking for places to relax and work. However, after 6:00 PM, the Social is converted into a buzzing drinking pub with youngsters letting their hair down and dancing to the groovy music.


The food at Hauz Khas Social is entirely conducive to the environment, having a menu full of comfort food and all day breakfast options. Some of the must-try delicacies here include the Mutton Dhansak, Kheema Pav, Baida Roti, Chilli Potato, Toaster Mountain and Death Wings. This place is crowded most of the time, hence you might need to wait a little to get a table. Those who want to trade their cubicle for the cool Hauz Khas Social can book a table on a monthly rent of INR 5000 which can be redeemed against food and drinks.


Hauz Khas History and Layout:

Hauz Khas which translates to the “Royal Lake” in English is the name of the lake which is now a part of much expanded Hauz Khas complex. The reservoir, commissioned by Allaudin Khilji, had a primary task of supplying water to Siri Fort. The lake is surrounded by a mosque, a tomb, and a seminary. The Hauz Khas Complex was developed by DLF in the sixties and is scattered as different blocks from A to Z. Blocks E, F and G are the major market blocks.

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Hauz Khas Village Deer Park:

The Hauz Khas Village has a Deer Park located in it which is a popular weekend picnic spot for families. This park is known as A.N Jha Deer Park after its founder Aditya Nath Jha. This green hub has several attractions located in its compound like the Duck Park, Rabbit Enclosure, Picnic Spots making it an ideal place for families. You can also spot walkers and joggers here who come to this park daily to get a whiff of the fresh air. It is one of the largest green areas in Delhi as the Deer Park is connected with the District Park and Rose Garden. Together they are called as “Lungs of Delhi” providing fresh air in the otherwise polluted metropolitan.The Deer Park is divided into four wings – Rose Garden, Old Monument and Hauz Khas Market, Deer Park and Fountain and District Park. It also houses a restaurant named ‘Park Baluchi’ after the very famous Pind Baluchi (though it does not have any connection with it whatsoever). The entry to the Deer Park is free and timing is 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM in summers and 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM in winters.

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Hauz Khas Village Timings:

The Hauz Khas Village remains open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM. The restaurant and pubs remain open till 1:00 AM in the night. However, you will spot police and PCR van patrolling the Hauz Khas Village after 12:30 PM to maintain security.


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