15 things which prove that you have the best roommate in the entire PG

15 things which prove that you have the best roommate in the entire PG:-Having a roommate in the PG who understands you like a friend, fights with you like a sibling and takes care of you like a parent, is the best thing ever, isn’t it? So is your roomie also the best? Well, if they have the following sixteen qualities then they definitely are the best roommates in the entire PG. Scroll down to read more and don’t forget to tag your roomies to let them know how special they are.

15 things which prove that you have the best roommate in the entire PG
15 things which prove that you have the best roommate in the entire PG

1.  They can tell how you feel by just looking at your face

One look at your face and they’ll know how you’re feeling. And we are not just talking about the moments when you are either happy or sad. An awesome roommate can even tell when you’re feeling hungry by just looking at your drooling face.


2. They share their food with you

Now all roommates are not like Joey Tribbiani, some of them love you so much that they share their food with you. Whenever they order something for themselves they make sure to order your favourite meal too. And when they use the PG’s kitchen to make maggi they always save an extra bowl for you.


3. They know exactly what to say to your parents

You do not have to teach them or write rules for them when it comes to talking to your parents, as they always know what and when to say. Whether they talk to your parents on the phone or meet them in person, they’ve always got your back. In fact you’re proud of how effortlessly they lie when they say something like, “Auntie, ye to har samay bas padhai karte rehta hai”, to your mom.


4. They clean your side of the room too

Now if your roommate cleans your side of the room too while cleaning his side, then it goes without saying that you have the best roommate in the entire PG. They have so much love in their hearts for you that they go a step ahead to show you how much you mean to them.


5. They rarely calculate finances as they know it will even out eventually

They do not sit down with a pen and paper, or a calculator and break down your share and their share for the meal that you just ordered. They know that the next time you will pay for it and it will eventually even out. In fact many a times they even treat you when something good happens by saying that, “Aaj ka dinner mujhpe”.


6. They are your best advisers

From career advice to love advice they are always there to help you make the best decision. And you might have realised many times that without their guidance you would have definitely taken the wrong step.


7. They know your diet but never judge you

Your roommate knows all about your enormous diet but they never judge you for it. And when they order a plate of veg noodles for themselves they make sure that they order one plate chicken momos, one full tandoori chicken, one full malai chaap and four roomali rotis for you.


8. They have seen you at your ugliest but still love you

They have seen it all, from your morning face to your wretched hair but still love you with all their heart. Isn’t it like the best relationship ever?


9. They dream of getting rich along with you

The two of you spend major part of your time discussing business ideas and want to be super-rich, but together. Being rich is important to you guys but ‘together’ is much more important than that.


10. They are your late night horror movie partners

You’re too scared to watch a movie alone but with your roommate by your side you can watch movies such as ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘Insidious’ like a pro.


11. They give you embarrassing nicknames

Your roommate gives you the most creative yet the most embarrassing nickname. And you don’t mind it because you know that they love you to the moon and back.


12. They participate with you in your cooking experiments

Be it your cooking experiments or doing other weird things together, your roommate is always your partner in the crime.


13. They listen to your baby talks without complains

Your mushy-mushy talks with your partner don’t bother your roomie and no matter how ridiculous your baby talks get, they are used to your “mele babu ne khaana khaya”, and never judge you for it.


14. They always stand by you

They are always by your side and even take half of the blame for the mistakes that you make.


15. They sometimes quarrel with you but cannot function without talking to you

Though quarrels happen at times between you and your roommate but this doesn’t mean that they cut you off their lives. In fact they cannot live without talking to you for even a few hours.


16. They make life in the PG worth living

Even if you’ve had a bad day you are always content with the thought that your roommate is your second family and you go and share your troubles with them. They are your best friend, and your confidants and above all they are the ones that make life is the PG full of fun and magic.

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