Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation: Way beyond the present level and understanding of western science is the power of yoga and meditation in the smell of the soil of the land that we are so privileged to be born in. The name of India and meditation is like the tunes coming out of the same musical instrument. With a world so full of vices, worldly pleasures and attachments a control over your spirit, mind and body takes you to an alternate dimension. Reaching a higher state of mind with the power of meditation and connecting to the divine by seeking energy from your chakras not only makes you more positive towards life but also provides you with a better understanding of the universe and all its mysteries.

Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

You have seen life through your eyes and through the eyes of your loved ones but now is a chance for you to understand life by seeing it with the third eye. A spiritual vacation offers you this chance to soak in the energy from your surroundings and beyond, into your system. So break up the unhealthy relationship with food, with money, with desires and move towards the world of the white light of Vipaasana by heading to these five spiritually rich places.



Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation


Dhyana and Anusthaan: Rishikesh has many ashrams and yoga centres where one can meditate and feel the intensity of the energy as it transmits in between the chakras inside the body.

Aalayam: Find a flattickets.com in Rishikesh which offers to you the company of nature to help you reach what you seek.



Bodh Gaya

Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Dhyana and Anusthaan: Get a step closer to the other world by religiously meditating at a place where Buddha attained enlightenment.

Aalayam: You can start early morning from your flattickets.com in Patna and reach Bodh Gaya in three hours with the rising sun showering its rays on the monasteries and the sprawling Mahabodhi Temple complex.


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Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Dhyana and Anusthaan: Reach the peak of Dharma by finding your soul through meditation at the yoga centre of Dhamma Sikhara amid the magnificent Deodar trees and the Dhauladar range of Northern Himalayas.

Aalayam: Witness peace and serenity through the eyes of your soul during your stay at a flattickets.com in Dharamshala.




Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Dhyana and Anusthaan: Forget about the colours and see the world painted in the single colour of the white light from the divine in the holy city of Varanasi. Meditate in the yoga centres here and find out some new things about yourself.

Aalayam: A spiritual healing process waits for you in this land so book a flattickets.com in Varanasi and get closer to the light.


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Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Dhyana and Anusthaan: The gateway to the gods looks out for you to reach here and find that lost part of your soul through the journey of meditation. You can meditate in one of the centres or lean into the world of dhyaan at the banks of the River Ganga during the early mornings.

Aalayam: Book a flattickets.com in Haridwar and let it be a part of your wonderful journey.




Give us the privilege to serve you while you enlighten our WudStays with the invisible yet powerful rays of energy that enter and leave your body effortlessly demonstrating the power of yogic science.

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