5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you: Life comes with a platter of different choices, options and experiences. And it is these experiences which mould us to what we become. After spending years with your family when you move to a hostel for the very first time it is then that you get to see life from the perspective of an individual. We feel that it is very important for one to see this way of life because it teaches you things which you will never be able to learn otherwise. When you enter hostel life it makes you emotional to see your family leave you there and take off but then over the period of years hostel life colours you in its charm in such a manner that when your hostel life ends you crave those times and those wonderful memories which you know will never come back again. The late night parties, the 3 AM Maggi, the pranks you played on your friends and that first love, you crave it all. And we know that like us you would also do anything to have that life back, isn’t it? Hostel life is like a moulding machine you enter it as one person and come out as a brand new one. It teaches you unforgettable life lessons which if you implement wisely can give you immense success. So today we discuss five of the many life lessons which hostel life teaches us so gracefully.

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you


The ability to survive on less

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

Life in a hostel teaches you how to manage your finances. You have a little money which you need to spend to buy books, go on those trips and those parties. But you learn to manage it in such a manner that you are able to have the maximum fun without craving for more money. It hides a very valuable lesson behind it that you can have more happiness even with less amount of money. The fact that money cannot buy you happiness is something which hostel life teaches you but it is only when your hostel life ends and the next phase of life starts you actually realise the naked truth behind this fact.

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The art of adjustment

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

Adjustment is something which needs to be a part of you because with something as unpredictable as life itself you should be prepared for anything. But where should one learn it? Well, it is hostel life which in fact lays the foundation of adjustment in one’s life. It makes one encounter with adjustment for the very first time in their lives. In a hostel you learn to sleep with the lights on if your roommate is a night owl, you even learn to sleep through the noises coming from the room next door. You learn to eat the vegetables which you once didn’t even look at and you also learn to live in harmony with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The addictive taste of independence

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

In a hostel though you are surrounded by many people but at the end of the day you will have to face life alone as an independent being. This is the kind of positive attitude which hostel life instils in you and trust us if you have learned this then you are all set to go a long way. In a hostel you get to live life on your own terms, you do everything on your own be it a simple task of washing clothes or a complex one like planning your career. Being independent is very necessary and living as an independent individual in a hostel lays down the foundation of this very important life lesson for you.

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The science of management

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

When in a hostel one has to manage many things whether it is studies, finances or extra-curricular activities. So if you can attain perfection in the science of management and be the master of all trades then you are definitely on the path to become the next Theodore Roosevelt.

The strength to overcome hard times

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

This is the most important lesson which a hostel teaches you. All days which you spend in a hostel are not going to be out of a movie, there will be days where you will feel exhausted, frustrated and good for nothing. But the art is to gather all the strength in you and survive these days because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, always.


So be the hero of your story and major not only in studies but also in life lessons which only a hostel life can teach you. So have you already started looking for a PG/Hostel? Let us help you with it, go find one on flattckets.com

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