Rishikesh: From The Eyes Of A Solo Traveller

Rishikesh: From The Eyes Of A Solo Traveller:-After postponing my trip to Rishikesh for almost a month I finally packed my bags last Friday, way before dawn, (Yes, of course it was dark. Yes, while you were still partying) got into my car and headed straight to the land of serenity and bliss. Thanks to the weather of Delhi that time for the lovely breeze that made my hair dance to the tune of the music playing inside the car, added its beautiful flavour to the entire journey. My fave part of such trips is stopping at random chai points and having a cup of hot masala chai. For amidst the lush greenery it gives you a different kind of high. So, far away from the pretentious world I continued on this journey where nobody would judge me for my messy hair, my track pants or for that matter roll their eyes for having seen me wearing bathroom slippers. (Did I mention that I am an impromptu traveller?)

Rishikesh: From The Eyes Of A Solo Traveller
Rishikesh: From The Eyes Of A Solo Traveller

I reached Rishikesh when the sun had just started peeking through the dark mountains. So I parked my car and went straight to one of the many lovely spots in Rishikesh – the Ghats nearby Lakshman Jhula. As I was stepping down on the stairs to the ghat I could see and hear the waves of River Ganga strike the base of the stairway. (And it did have a beautiful melody to it.) On reaching the lowest point I sat down on the steps, took off my slippers and dipped my feet into the cold water while the sun made my hair glow golden-yellow with its lustre. And as I had just begin to get drunk on the beauty which I was witnessing in front of me just then the early morning Vedic chants started in a close by temple. The powerful aura of the Vedic chants by the river and the mountains mystified the place and I spent an hour at the same place thinking about nothing…absolutely nothing.

Finally after experiencing this bliss I drove for another half an hour to reach my Wudstay Jungle camp in the lush green village of Kaudiyala. Again I was in awe of the location of the place, with Mountain View on one side and the Ganges flowing on the other side. After a warm welcome and a hearty breakfast I explored the camp before finally settling down by the swimming pool with a glass of lemonade and a copy of the novel, “Into the wild.” And from that moment on I was completely lost. I read the words, felt the water on my legs, sipped my lemonade, looked at the huge mountains trying to create a picture out of the words and felt completely and magically lost in the beautiful solitude. And guess what? If getting lost feels like this then I do not want to be found ever again. Just let me be me and let me get lost, into the wild.

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A city nestled within the Himalayan foothills on the banks of the sacred River Ganges, where locals gather at dusk for the nightly river worship ceremony, set to a tinkling soundtrack of temple bells – it’s hard to fathom a place more conducive to spiritual healing.


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