Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for you and your PG’s roommate

Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for you and your PG’s roommate:- All of us love this time of the year, don’t we? It is so festive and s bright that it even makes the dullest moments come alive. So with Christmas gone, New Year’s is just a few days away. And a new year means new beginnings, new goals, new friends, new places and of course brand new resolutions. Now although all of us are extremely proficient at taking New Year’s resolutions, how many of us actually follow them? Well, we all know the answer to it – only quite a few of us. On that note, we thought that what if you could make a list of resolutions along with your PG’s roommate and help each other stay focussed on them. That would be great, isn’t it? So in order to help you further we have compiled a list of resolutions that you should take along with your roommate and also see that the both of you stick to them at any cost. So browse through this list and say cheers to a fresh start and a new beginning.

10 New Year’s resolutions for you and your PG’s roommate
10 New Year’s resolutions for you and your PG’s roommate

Keep your room organized

We grew up listening to our elders and teachers say that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and now that we have grown up we do realise that it is true. A clean house or a clean room that breathes in positivity brings us more happiness and prosperity. So keep in mind that in the upcoming year you make it a point to keep your room clean as well as organized. This shall not only make you feel good but also boost your productivity levels. You can assign each other responsibilities of cleaning various sections of the room and see how this small change makes your life better.

10 New Year’s resolutions
10 New Year’s resolutions

Eat healthy

Yes, we do understand that healthy food doesn’t taste as good as junk food but at the end of the day a well balanced meals not only keeps our body but also our minds fit. It allows us to think rationally and make better decision. Therefore, make sure that you and your roomie stick to healthy eating habits. You can order take-out once in a while but most of the times try and stick to having a balanced meal full of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Always remember – It’s not what you eat but what’s eating you.


Quit an addiction

As we already pointed out that a new year means new beginnings hence it would be a great reason for you to quit your bad habits or addictions and embrace a healthy lifestyle. If your roomie has any such addiction then you can help him quit it and if both of you have it then you must encourage each other to remove all the negative things out of your life.


Go on trips

Life is an adventure, so get rid of your daily, mundane routine and go on a few trips with your roommate. These days there are many websites online that provide you with budget packages and hence make it easier for you to go on trips. So sit down with your roomie and make a list of all the places that you would like to visit in the year 2017.


Go green

Who doesn’t love greenery? But in the metro cities we seldom get to witness it. Therefore, we propose that one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to Go Green, and you can practice this by bringing in some indoor plants to your room. But yes, you will have to take care of them. They’ll not only make your room look chirpy and bright but they also have several health benefits.


Exercise together

We talked about healthy eating, but it shall have little benefits if you don’t maintain a healthy exercise regime. You can join a gym along with your roommate or go running in the evenings or even better if you can go for a run in the mornings. But if you would like to stick to the four walls of your room then you can practice Yoga.


Maintain a budget

We all face this problem where we don’t keep an account of how much we are spending and where we are spending it, especially when it comes to buying snacks, clothes and other household items. Therefore, one among your many resolutions must be that you should keep a track of your spendings and allocate a budget to everything. This shall not only make you more organized but also help you in saving money.


Read more often

Reading and keeping an update of political business and economic affairs of the country and also of the International community shall never harm you. So make it a point that you and your roommate read more often, encourage each other, transfer knowledge and stay updated.


Get rid of junk

Stick to old memories but not to the old junk that you and your roommate have been gathering over the years. This New Year might be just the right time for you to get rid of all the unwanted stuff lying in your room. This can be old clothes, equipments you seldom use or any other item that is gathering dust. Make space for breathing and donate all the stuff you don’t want to some charity.


Face your fears

You only live once, and if you spend your entire life lying in your comfort zone then you will never have the life you dream of. Therefore, in the upcoming year both you and your roommate should face your biggest fears, be it skydiving or public speaking and become more confident about yourself.


Is there any other resolution that you would like to take along with your roommate. If yes, then let us know about it in the comments below.

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