Go wild while you’re still in your 20s

Go wild while you’re still in your 20s: Go wild while you’re still in your 20s: It’s time to go wild with your gang while you’re still in your 20s. While others are busy making decisions on where to work, where to live, what to do, when to get married you get going in collecting the most crazy memories. This is the time of your life which will never come back. You will grow old, there will be enough pressure, you will have a rough life, it is you who has to make memories and collect stories to remember when you are in your late 70s and on your death bed.

Go wild while you’re still in your 20s

Go wild while you’re still in your 20s

Get out there and explore!

Here are 5 essential places to go to..Y? Bcoz we say so 😉

1. Leh-Ladakh – A travel to this place with your girlfriends by road will bring in the real you. Drive down to the beauty, closer to the sky and the grand views will leave you amazed. With the landscape changing at almost every bend, this is going to be one trip you will never forget.

How to Reach: By air & By road (If you are in for some real adventure then self drive!)

Where to Stay: flattickets.com in Ladakh

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2. Goa – A spot that has something different to offer every time you go there. Party hard with your gang or just get lost in the beauty away from the world (yes, there are such places too in Goa!).

How to Reach: By Air, Train and Road

Where to Stay: flattickets.com in Goa


3. Rishikesh – A tranquil place surrounded by hills and bisected by the sluggish Ganges has something for everybody. Get going if you are in for some adventure like river rafting, bungy jumping or camping or want to completely forget your busy work life and rejuvenate.

How to Reach: By Train & road

Where to Stay: flattickets.com in Rishikesh


4. Mcleodganj – A shout to all the shopping freaks! This is the place for you. From jewellery to handicrafts to woolen clothes or trendy bags, you get it all here. Yes, don’t forget to bargain. You can also go trekking to get a glimpse of Dhauladar range or chill at Shiva café.

How to Reach: Take a late evening bus from Delhi, gossip a little and sleep. Early morning you reach the destination

Where to Stay: flattickets.com in Mcleodganj


5. Kasol – A small Himalayan village which stretches along the beautiful Parvati River is surrounded with mountains is the main traveller hang-out in the valley. A place where peace and party reside together. You will get some real good food here!

How to Reach: Bus to Kullu and then a taxi, or best just drive down.

Where to Stay: flattickets.com in Kasol

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S0 go back home, pack your bags and LEAVE!!! before you think its too late.Happy Traveling!!!

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